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Why choose us?

We are distinct from other consultancies as we offer pragmatic solution focused approaches that deliver outcomes which reduce risk, reduce cost and provide certainty to projects and facilities

Cohesive team


Virid IFC has highly experience environmental practitioners many of which have long working relationships (10 to 20 years).


We are able to assemble a cohesive high performing team able to deliver project outcomes on-time and on-budget. Our ability to draw together experts from all relevant disciplines allows us to assemble the right team to deliver clients a tailored solution to complete every project.

Deliver project savings

Virid IFC practitioners inherently look for efficiency along with good environmental practice which results in project savings. We have helped optimised rehabilitation design; minimsiation of project footprints; elimination of excessive erosion and sediment controls; these and other approaches to environmental management have equated to multi-million dollar cost savings on individual projects.

Locally owned and operated

We are an Australian owned company. Each year we purchase a wide range of goods and services that support the delivery of our work for our clients. We contribute to the local communities where we operate. All our profits, taxes, assets remain in Australia. 

Effective communication and reporting


We appreciate the need for effective communications and reporting. We prepare progress reports for all our assignments highlighting progress and any potential issues. 

Supplier contacts


We have long established relationships with suppliers and service providers from suppliers of gypsum, waste collection services to courier companies that collect and deliver water samples. These contacts allow for the efficient delivery of services, reliable delivery and reduced costs. 


Easy to work with


We are easy to work and can integrate into your site management team. We regularly embed our personnel within companies to provide seamless provision of assistance.


Challenging work environments


We go anywhere and go the extra mile to make certain the best outcomes are achieved. Our personnel are experienced at working on the most challenging projects. Likewise, we have worked on some of the most remote project locations both nationally and internationally.

We hit the ground running


Virid IFC have developed documents, tools and templates ready for implementation on clients projects. These documents may not be developed by clients or form part of an existing suite of documents of a corporate management system e.g. sediment basin registers, water treatment forms; dust gauge collection forms; environmental inspections etc.

Extensive experience


Our people have operational industry experience and comprehensive knowledge of environmental legislation as well as technical experience and skills to match the most demanding projects. We are well connected and can offer an impressive team to deal with any challenge. Our team members work collaboratively and our clients benefit from combined knowledge which addresses virtually any environmental scenario efficiently.

We understand the importance of providing practical documentation which fulfils specific requirements or needs and are useable by the workforce.

Monitoring equipment


We have an extensive range of environmental monitoring equipment available for short or long term rental e.g. noise (sound pressure level) meters, field multi-parameter water quality meters etc. We are constantly adding new rental equipment to our rental fleet based on discussions with out clients. Talk to us about your field requirements we are happy to provide tailored solutions.

Virid IFC operates two commercial grade UAVs equiped with sophistical sensors and CASA qualified staff ready able to deploy and fly missions across Australia. 


Client focus

We understand the practicalities of projects, project economics and the value of time. Our responsive management approach recognizes the priorities and pressures that our clients are faced with.

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