Our Services


We work with companies and Government across a diverse range of industries including mining, oil and gas, energy, construction and major infrastructure

We provide a wide range of professional health, and safety, environmental and engineering related services which includes specialist expert advice across disciplines

Health and Safety

〉Risk Assessments

〉Health and Safety Audits

〉Secondments e.g. H&S Advisors/Managers

〉Reviews and other Support e.g. data entry


Corporate Management

〉Environmental Management Systems

〉Safety Management Systems

〉Quality Management System

〉Risk Assessment / Facilitation


〉Flora and fauna surveys 

〉Targeted fauna surveys

〉Fauna Spotter Catcher 

〉Bushfire Assessments

Construction Management

〉Tender and Proposal Support

〉Pre-Construction Approvals

〉Environmental Management Plans

〉Environmental Representative 

Sustainability and Energy

〉Sustainability reporting



〉Energy and GHGAudits


Hydrocarbons and Hazardous Substances

〉AS1940 Audit

〉Site Inspections

〉SDS Collation

〉Hazardous Chemical Risk Assessments


〉EPBCAct Applications 

〉Development Applications 

〉Environmental Licence

〉Environmental Assessments 

Air Quality


〉Air Quality Assessment

〉Planning and Approvals

〉Emission Strategy

Noise and Vibration

〉Noise Assessment

〉Vibration Assessment

〉Planning and Approvals

〉Noise and Vibration Modelling 



Environmental Compliance 

〉Due Diligence Auditing

〉Environmental Performance Reporting

〉Environmental License Auditing

〉Management System Audits


Environmental Approvals

〉Environmental Impact Assessment 

〉Route Option and Constraints Analysis

〉EPBCAct Referrals 

〉Environmental Relevant Activities


Erosion and Sediment

〉Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

〉Site Inspections

〉ESC Audits

〉ESC Training

Water Quality

〉Water Quality Monitoring

〉Water Quality Management Plan

〉Planning and Approvals

〉Water Quality Modelling 


Spatial Services

〉GIS data capture 

〉GPS surveys including +/- 1m accuracy

〉Spatial and database analysis

〉GIS systems and training

Sectors we service

We work with companies and Government across a diverse range of industries including mining, oil and gas, energy, construction and major infrastructure

Turtle in the Reef

Where we work

We work across Australia and overseas. We travel and  work wherever our clients need us to be. This is often in corporate offices, construction sites, mine sites and other facilities or from our own offices. 

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