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Health safety and environment 


We believe our people are our greatest asset, this means that good health and safety practices are woven into the fabric of our culture.



We have never had a reportable injury and our injury rates LTIFR and TRIFR are 0.00 including both employee and contractor hours. Also, we have never been investigated, fined or had any other enforcement actions relating to health, safety and environment. We proactively identify safety risks across our business and develop actions to address them. We also understand that providing a safe working environment goes beyond implementing tools and programmes. 


Adopting the right safety behaviours among employees and contractors is an equally important part of our work in this area. Our lead indicators are based on a qualitative measure using leadership as a key underpinning performance indicator. To support this, we also use measures based on serious potential incidents and injury rates which once combined gives a clear indication on performance.


Management systems

Our management system applies to all our operations, processes and activities for all Virid IFC controlled work. The Management System has been established to provide a systematic approach to HSEQ management and the continual improvement of our systems and process. The structure of the management system generally follows the layout of common international standards such as: ISO 14001, (Environment); ISO 45001 and AS/NZS 4801 (Health and Safety); and ISO 9001 (Quality) and SL.9 High Level Structure.

We have an overarching HSEQ manual that explains how our management systems operate. In addition, we develop project specific HSEQ management plans for projects which include specific objectives, requirements and responsibilities. We also regularly work under the management systems of our clients and help implement relevant requirements of these systems.

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