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Data analysis and statistics

Virid IFC is a leading environmental consultancy firms which provides data analysis services. 

We are able to process and utilise company data to draw insights, helping to inform decisions of our clients with improved accuracy and efficiency. Data can drive health, safety, environmental and quality processes to improve performance.  

Leading companies implement robust strategies, plans and campaigns to create strong safety cultures, provide management accountability, provide training and as well as the monitoring of leading and lagging safety indicators.

There may be relationships between the occurrence of injuries and for example different occupations, age groups, gender, work location, workgroup (site), times during the year etc. Statistical analysis, for example with the Chi Squared Test can be used to test each hypothesis e.g. company Business Units have equal number of recordable injuries; the number of recordable injuries is the same across projects based on exposure hours; injuries are consistent across all seasons including the holiday season; etc. 

Similarly, company management at various levels may have certain perceptions or theories on the occurrence of injuries, for example: more injuries occur immediately before extending holidays/breaks. These perceptions can be tested in the same what as showing relationships between variables. We believe that our assistance will: help with the assignment of initiatives and programs; show relationships where they exist: confirm or otherwise perceptions or analysis of injury data: and, provide benchmark data that is not readily available.  

Our services include:

  • Injury statistical analysis

  • Environmental incident statistics

  • Spill related incidents 

  • Data management 

  • Dashboards

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