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Water Quality

We are distinct from other consultancies with pragmatic solution focused approaches to deliver outcomes which reduce risk,  reduce cost and provide certainty to projects and facilities

The management of water quality is an important area of compliance and a common area of regulatory focus especially where operations or activities have the potential to discharge into the receiving environment. If not managed adequately, water containing elevated levels of contaminants have the potential to cause environmental impact to receiving environments. Environmental requirements for projects often vary and in many cases stringent environmental compliance requirements are stipulated in environmental licences or permits.

Our team has extensive project experience across several sectors, including energy, renewables, water and highways. We focus on construction activity, responding to specific incidents and long-term, catchment-scale monitoring. Virid IFC clients including mining companies, construction companies, developers and public sector bodies. Our extensive experience in surface water quality includes water quality assessments for high profile infrastructure projects across Australia. 

Our monitoring and sampling are designed to meet specific project requirements and range from one off sampling to catchment wide studies and continuous long term monitoring. We have long standing arrangements with NATA accredited laboratories which ensure samples are analysed efficiently and to the highest standards. We also can help minimise cost through reviewing compliance conditions and where applicable conducting statistical correlations (e.g. for TSS and NTU) to avoid laboratory analysis.

Our services include:

  • Baseline water quality studies

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Water quality impact assessments (approvals and compliance)​

  • Development of emissions inventory for a wide range of processes​

  • Recommending cost-effective water monitoring programs

  • Surface management plans (construction and operation phases)​

  • Complaint investigations​

  • Peer review of surface water quality assessments​

  • Short and long term ambient air quality monitoring programs​

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