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Contamination and hydrocarbons 

The use of large quantities of hydrocarbons common across projects which require specific storage and management measures to ensure compliance with relevant requirements including AS1940

Hazardous materials should be carefully stored and handled to prevent spillage and leakage causing soil or water contamination. Hydrocarbon management audits identify whether hydrocarbons are stored in accordance with legal and Australian Standard requirements and making sure site facilities are well designed, safely operated, and properly inspected and maintained.

We help our clients focus on measures  to reduce the number of spills and volume of hydrocarbons spilled at operations for common incidents such as accidental spillages (over fuelling) and operational failures (inadequate bunding). 

Our environmental practitioners have considerable experience in undertaking hydrocarbon and hazardous chemical audits. We are able to provide audits relatively efficiently and in consultation with site personnel. Our audits and reporting are kept confidential and in-confidence for the audit recipient. 

Common services include:

  • Hydrocarbon audits (AS1940)

  • Pre-condition surveys

  • Contamination assessments

  • Spill assessment

  • Landfarm design and management

  • Contamination material disposal advice

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