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Environmental Assessment

Our people have operational industry experience and comprehensive knowledge of environmental legislation and as well technical experience and skills to match the most demanding projects.

Our environmental assessment and approval related services provide our clients with cost-effective environmental advice and solutions for a wide range of projects, industry sectors and locations.  

We offer environmental assessment and approvals services throughout the project lifecycle phases, from planning, design, construction through to operation and decommissioning. We have worked on some of the most challenging of projects across Australia and our track record and internationally and we are able to deliver on project deliverables and achieve savings whilst minimising impact to the environment.

Virid IFC’s environmental team include leading scientists, managers and engineers  with skills across technical disciplines ranging from land and water to acoustics and air. Our in depth knowledge and experience is our strength, we use leading consultants with decades of experience to solve issues. We assess and understand environmental approval conditions across industry sectors, including construction, building infrastructure, defence, aviation, agricultural, oil and gas and mining. 

Our services include:

  • Development Applications

  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

  • Environmental impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

  • Environmental Effect Statements

  • Environmental condition review

  • Environmental Authority amendment

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