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Land Mining

Secondment support

We appreciate it may not be feasible to have environmental resources engaged prior to project commencement and that team members take leave or become busy during the course of a project

We are able to provide a range of health and safety, environment and quality support options for projects where we supplement or provide the entire project personnel to meet project requirements. 

Our experience includes advisors, coordinators and mangers. Our people can meet the requirements of regulators, such as those stipulated by TMR and RMS. Our services could be used as agreed/needed (technical assistance) or full-time support until the relevant environmental professional (your employee) is directly engaged. 

We would be able to provide support for key tasks such as during the planning phase (development of project specific Management Plans, site specific systems establishment etc.), or help address key issues e.g. noise, water, dust etc. We can undertake environmental monitoring, environmental reporting and in some cases the fulfilment of the client to have an appropriately qualified environmental practitioner available on-site.


There may be other advantages for a secondment position assist with environmental management, we can provide another perspective on processes and approaches that may help the project after the completion of the secondment, for example: additional training materials, forms, procedures, responses to issues (corrective actions) etc.

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